Here’s What People are Saying…


Jay Kanik,

Senior Property Manager

“For years, MPCC has been providing exceptional service on projects ranging from $20.00 to over $2,000,000. One of their most impressive attributes is the care and attention to detail shown on every project or job, regardless of the size or scope.Knowing MPCC projects will come in on time and budget allows us to deliver the best product to our customers, and enhances our bottom line.”


Randy Pannell,

Director of Construction, Saks Fifth Avenue

“I have known Martin Phillips of MP Contracting for more than 10 years, and he has managed many projects for me in those years. Martin has never failed to keep schedules in line and budgets in tact. His ability to drive a project has proved to be invaluable. He has always been able to interact with store personnel as well as corporate staff, on a professional level. I recommend Martin and MP Contracting to anyone seeking these qualifications.”


R. Gordon Grubb,

President, Grubb Ventures LLC

“I highly recommend Martin Phillips and MP Contracting and Consulting, LLC. I have worked with Martin Phillips in a number of capacities over the last eight years and have always found him to be one of the most qualified, thorough and diligent people I have ever worked with. Martin has not only helped Grubb Ventures in all areas of construction, he has helped our company renovate and reposition existing properties as well as perform due diligence on potential acquisitions. In every case, he has performed the work on time, on budget and with a great commitment to quality. In short, I would give Martin and MP Contracting and Consulting the highest recommendation possible.”


A.J. Simon,

Penzey’s Spices

“I was pleased at the level of service that Martin with MP Contracting provided to complete the project. I have worked with a handful of different contractors across the country and MP Contracting is one of the few on my list that made the entire construction process run smoothly All deadlines and expectations were met because of Martin’s commitment. I would not hesitate to consider them again for our next project.”


John & Lori Lecker

Licensee – United Colors of Benetton

“We engaged Martin Phillips of MP Contracting to design/build our United Colors of Benetton store located in Cameron Village, Raleigh, NC. He fast tracked the project through the architectural & permitting phase and delivered the store on time and within budget. He was actively involved in the day to day operations and quickly found solutions for any unforeseen challenges. Martin is a consummate professional and top tier contractor. We highly recommend him as a honest, ethical, and efficient contractor.”